Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer of Bummer

Once again I note the cooling of the evening air and foggy mornings as Summer gives way to Fall. The deepening voices of some of my son's 12 and 13 year-old buddies reminds me that my youngest child will shortly become a young man. My daughter made the leap to adolescense two Summers ago. Seeing my baby girl busting out all over was hard for a dad who came late to the parenting game.

The Summer of Bummer saw the sale of the home I believed would be our "family place" for many years to come. Maybe even the place I would call home until I kicked the bucket. But divorce smacked that piƱata off the rope, over the fence, and into the smelly dumpster of reality. Funny how losing nearly everything that matters puts what we have left into the spotlight. The wad of cash representing my share of what used to be our home, sits in a couple of bank accounts waiting to be re-invested...maybe in a mutual fund that will hopefully keep ahead of inflation.

I'm frozen, inactive and waiting for providence to drop a golden ticket in my lap. After all, providence sent me my wonderful young wife, nearly 17 years ago. As for lightning striking twice in the same place, maybe thinking that God will once again pity the fool and warm the heart of my lost love...maybe I should just count my blessings, lick my wounds stop bitching about the past. But like I've posted previously, too many backward glances will often result in forward collisions. So I'll try to keep my eyes on the road.

Good-Bye, Lucy. I pray for your peace, happiness, and fulfillment. But really, I pray that you would be reconciled to Jesus. He is the ONLY one who NEVER leaves or forsakes.

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